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An Artis's Guide to Eyes and Expression

Understanding the process makes every step so much easier.

Over the years I have found a way to create true, life-like expression in my work. This tutorial is where I will teach you all the techniques I use when I want to manipulate an expression into something that is not in the reference photo. By doing this, I will empower you with the ability to work independently from your photos and to recognize where you can alter the eyes in order to make the emotion and intensity of expression in your subjects more alive. 

This tutorial also gives you:

  • 46 minutes of video content

  • It comes with an ebook that is a summary of everything I teach in the video. 

  • It is my hope that by the end of this tutorial, you will have the ability to change any expression into something more life-like, or unique to your artistic vision in a realistic way.

  • I use acrylic paint for this tutorial, however, you can also apply all the principles I use here with oil paint as well. 

What People Are Saying:

Carla’s tutorial is so detailed, professional and thorough, just what you would expect based off her beautiful art. I love how accessible it is, you can watch the video or read through the guides and they compliment each other so well. Definitely going to get her fur and feather one, this one was so helpful!


Another well explained tutorial, this time showing the process involved in painting life-like eyes. Very helpful!


Carla has created the best tutorials I have ever seen. Everything you need for supplies along with her techniques used to achieve such beautiful animals are demonstrated in great detail. I have purchased Fur, Feathers and Eyes which are all amazing videos that won't disappoint. Very much looking forward to the Elephant skin tutorial. Many thanks Carla!