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An Artist's Guide to Realistic Fur

Understanding the process makes every step so much easier.

This tutorial will help you overcome so many issues with realistic painting that it could even make it look easy! I will be taking a close-up look at layering, glazing, troubleshooting, color mixing, brushwork, and more. This could be the breakthrough you have been needing to give your skillset and techniques the next step up. 

I have been refining my process for over a decade and would love to save you some time and effort by showing you exactly how I paint fur with acrylic paint. If you have been looking for a detailed, step-by-step explanation of the process behind the way I work, then this is exactly where you need to be.

This tutorial also gives you:

  • I will discuss in detail the following aspects of how I work:

  • How to glaze with acrylic

  • The order of layers

  • How to achieve depth in fur

  • How to highlight black fur

  • Best brush care practices

  • How I work with Wetting Agent

  • How I mix my colors and prepare my palette - along with a color recipe PDF for quick reference

  • How to get the right consistency in your paint

  • How to alter the color palette to suit your specific needs

  • How to decide when to stop/ when the painting is complete

  • Several troubleshooting tips to help you get the best result possible in your work

    How to paint the following types of fur:

  • Flat fur

  • Thick long fur

  • Short fur

  • Fur on curved surfaces

  • Densely packed fur

  • Fine, soft fur

What People Are Saying:

I bought the fur tutorial and as an alreadt pretty experienced artist I was unsure how much value if get from it but definitely worth it! I learnt so much about how to use colour which is the main thing I've struggled with in my recent paintings and it helped me to refine my process and make it more methodical. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Carla!

Gerry Siperious

I purchased the FUR and FEATHER tutorials with the e-books. Both are filled with so much information that covers all my questions about technique and color. Carla shared in detail her knowledge of acrylics and her process. I am excited to apply it. I know it took years for her to get to this point of realism. So worth the small investment to be taught how. Yesterday I printed the e-book on fur so I could study it. There is a lot of detail and easy to follow - page by page -of each step recommended to take .I find it helpful and very well put.

Barbara Faraci

I have been painting tigers for years and I devour tutorials to further improve my skills. Carla's videos are the best out there esp for acrylics. Learned so much from this video. Cant wait to start a new tiger painting. Thanks so much Carla!