Sharing everything about how I create realistic wildlife paintings.

Joanne Gray

I'm so grateful that you shared your expertise in your tutorials, I have found them to be really advantageous and constantly use them as a source of reference and inspiration.

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Jo's Work

Isabel Conradi

The first one is an acrylic painting (flamingo) from 2017. It looks very flat, that´s because I didn´t know anything about layering. I wasn´t happy about the progress and finally gave up finishing it. I really loved watching your feather tutorial and painting the blue feathers. Afterwards I painted the macaw (2022).

Isabel's Work

Zoya Aafaq

 I have just begun my journey into Wildlife Art with the help of your tutorials. I have been enjoying my work so much. Your work has truly helped me discover my love towards animal paintings. I feel so strongly about this now. 
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Zoya's Work

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For me, your development is personal!

It has taken me over a decade to come to a place in my work where I feel like I am no longer guessing all the time. Along the way, as I taught myself how to paint, I searched for tutorials that would teach me the principles behind the process. I never found any. That is why I chose to create these courses. They are everything that I wished I had available to me years ago. I created them for you, an artist who is looking for ways to take your work to a whole new level of realism. 


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Gerry Siperius
I bought the fur tutorial and as an already pretty experienced artist I was unsure how much value if get from it but definitely worth it! I learnt so much about how to use colour which is the main thing I've struggled with in my recent paintings and it helped me to refine my process and make it more methodical. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Carla! 
Carla has created the best tutorials I have ever seen.  Everything you need for supplies along with her techniques used to achieve such beautiful animals are demonstrated in great detail. I have purchased Fur, Feathers and Eyes which are all amazing videos that won't disappoint. Very much looking forward to the Elephant skin tutorial.  Many thanks Carla!  
Fiona Q
Picking up a paintbrush last year and relatively my late 50's...i have found Carla's tutorials exactly what i need. They are detailed and full of helpful information. Who needs to go to Uni or Tafe when you have this quality😊. Highly recommend.

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An Artist's Guide to Realistic Fur

This tutorial will help you overcome so many issues with realistic painting that it could even make it look easy! I will be taking a close-up look at layering, glazing, troubleshooting, color mixing, brushwork, and more. This could be the breakthrough you have been needing to give your skillset and techniques the next step up.

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An Artists Guide to Eyes and Expression

Over the years I have found a way to create true, life-like expression in my work. This tutorial is where I will teach you all the techniques I use when I want to manipulate an expression into something that is not in the reference photo. By doing this, I will empower you with the ability to work independently from your photos and to recognize where you can alter the eyes in order to make the emotion and intensity of expression in your subjects more alive. 

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An Artists Guide to Reasitic Feathers

This tutorial is a deep look into my process where I will show you everything I have learnt about creating the perfect feathers. I will cover a huge scope of tips, techinques and principals that will not only be useful when painting feathers, but also in every other area of your practice.  

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An Artists Guide to Realistic Skin

In this tutorial, I am going to teach you everything I know about how to use acrylic to create thick, leathery, muddy, wet skin. I have been developing these techniques over the past 5 years, and cannot wait to share them with you.

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